About Us


farmerdave2In 1997 we began a great adventure. With the help and encouragement of some close friends we became farmers.

Gardening had always been a part of life here, but this was a little different. Our focus became specialty produce for some of Nashville’s finest restaurants.

Along the way, we have found a world of variety in fruits and vegetables, many of which are hard to find or simply ignored by the mainstream of agriculture.

Here we are beginning a new nursery to provide some of the best of what we found.

About Our Trees

A few years ago a good friend began to experimentwith rootmaker® containers and was met with

amazing results. When we decided to start

Rock Bridge Trees we knew rootmaker® was

the only way to go.

Our rootmaker® trees grow faster and transplant

better than any trees we’ve ever seen. Trees grown

in these containers develop a massive fibrous root

system, even on trees that are notorious for their

taproot. The thousands of root tips produced by

these containers allow our trees to establish faster

and with less transplant shock.


Chinese Chestnut trees 5 months old

These trees Bore their first chestnuts by year 3

  Faster establishment in their new home means, morefruit, nuts, or flowers years sooner than most

bare root trees.

Bigger is not better when buying trees.

Buying the whole tree, roots and all,

will always give better results and

 results are what matter!






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