A Good Tree Starts With A Good Foundation

The Most Important Part Of A Tree Is The Part You Can't See

                               Rock Bridge Trees Will Be At  The Heartland Apicultural Society Summer Meeting At Carbondale IL July 10,11, and 12 And The Eastern Apicultural Society Summer Meeting At Richmond KY July 29- Aug 1 Meeting Specials All 1 gallon trees $20.00 […]

Walter T. Kelly Field Day June 7, 2014 Rock Bridge Trees will be at Walter T. Kelly’s Field Day Field Day Specials 2 gallon Sourwood Trees: $30.00 2 gallon American Linden: $30.00 Pre-order your trees today at Contact us To pick up at Kelly’s Field Day in Clarkson, KY We will be giving a presentation […]

This brutal winter will take a break one day. Care should be taken that the urge to do something,anything outside might tempt us to prune our trees and vines before its time. Pruning trees and vines should be delayed, if possible, until mid to late February. Even then we should watch the forecast should more […]

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